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ISLC – Information Society Law Center

ISLC – Information Society Law Center at the Department “Cesare Beccaria” of the University of Milan is a multidisciplinary research center, founded in 2017 inside the “Cesare Beccaria” Department of Legal Sciences, devoted to the study of the so-called “Digital Transformation Law” and the legal, technological, political and social aspects of the Information Society.


The Law Department “Cesare Beccaria” is structured around the idea, of illuministic origins, that the study of the law cannot be separated from the analysis of the basic socio-economical institutions, which both are influenced by and shape the law itself.

The Department undertakes and promotes interdisciplinary research projects, which are aimed at strengthening the understanding of the multiple connections of the law with its underlying socio-economic dynamics.

EXC Director: Simone Bonavita

Coordinator: Giovanni Ziccardi

Vice Coorinator: Pierluigi Perri

The aim of the ISLC is to conduct research on issues related to the relationship between law and the digital society, with particular attention to those changes – present and future – that will deeply affect our society.

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